Shredded Latex Couch Pillows

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While a slab of latex can easily be cut into any shape, the price of shredded latex can be more affordable and in the case of couch pillows, perhaps more practical.  We made for this customer 6 bouncy, overstuffed pillows for his couch. Our GOTS twill is the inner case; they are slipped into an outer case to match the sofa.

“They turned out perfectly.  They have a really substantial feel/look to them and they’ll last a long time.”

Wool Doll’s Pillow and Quilt

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Using some wool batting leftover from a pillow making, we sewed up a doll’s pillow and a quilt for the doll. We rolled the batting up just like we did for our bed size pillow and sewed it shut.  The quilt was stitched with just one layer of the 3 lb. batts, thin enough to not require any special sewing equipment on my sewing machine. Do I need to say that the fabrics were chosen by my daughter.


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Custom Natural Latex Banquette Cushions

I cannot say enough good things about my whole experience dealing with Deborah and the end result of my order. She was very helpful with suggestions and reasonable on pricing. My cushions could not have turned out more perfectly especially since this was all done online! I sent Deborah a sketch with measurements, ordered my fabric and had it sent to her seamstress and in just a few short weeks I had my cushions which fit and feel perfectly! The left over fabric was even sent back so I can use it for something else.

I plan to order pillows and mattresses next!

Custom Natural Latex Couch/Bed

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After designing and building her house just right, this customer added one of the last custom touches: a natural latex couch whose cushions can be arranged into a perfectly sized Full size mattress with pillow.

She chose 4″ of Firm Natural Latex, wrapped in wool batting. The pillow is the small back piece in the pictures and is made of a Soft piece of Natural Latex. All of the cases are wrapped in prewashed zippered cases made with our GOTS Organic Twill fabric. The back cushion and the pillow are also wrapped in prewashed zippered cases made from a decorative fabric of the customer’s choosing.

When the cushions are laid side by side in a line, the couch turns into a full sized mattress, perfect for a guest yet tucked away when not needed.


Triple Channel Pillow

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Walking past our table at the New Hope Farmers Market, Peggy noticed the variety of pillows and thought of her own pillow troubles. She had been on the hunt for years for a pillow that was supportive under her neck and softer under her head. After discussing for quite a while what she might like, we designed this pillow case for her.

You can see each channel is filled with its own fill. Wool in the bottom followed by kapok in the middle and wool again on the top. Each channel has its own zipper inside the pillowcase to allow for easy adjusting of the fill amount. The pillow also has depth to it through the means of gussets along the sides, to keep the fill from narrowing as it reaches the edges.

We’re looking forward to hearing how it sleeps. I hope it is just the thing.

Dual Pocket Hull Pillow

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If you can layer a mattress with different firmnesses, how about layering your pillow? Then you can choose what combination of fills you like yet keeping them separate so that you can flip it and sleep on the same pillow but with a different feel.

A customer asked for a pillow case with a divider down the middle so she could put buckwheat hulls on one side and millet hulls on the other side. The two zippers separate the pockets from each other. The zipper pull hides in its own pocket to prevent it from snagging and magically unzipping and spilling hulls all over.  (Rutherford, New Jersey)


15″ Latex on top of Steel Screening

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Here are the pics of the process of putting the bed together.

I used welded wire hardware cloth to lay over the Bedder Bed Frame to keep the foam from pressing thru the openings in the bed frame over time.  The steel bed frame maker said this would not happen, but I did not trust it, so I devised this solution, which I know will prevent it.  We picked up two 10 ft. x 3 ft. rolls of hardware cloth with 1/2″ square holes (small animal caging) at our local Orcheln Farm and Home for about $12 each. After trimming the hardware cloth to fit the bed frame and securing with cable ties, the two frame sides slipped right into the wooden bed frame opening where the slats were.  The whole assembly is rock solid.  No problems there.

I expected the mattresses to be real trouble hefting around, but they were not bad at all to move and nudge into place.  We loaded them onto the wire frame before removing the plastic bags they were in.  So they were in partial position right from the start of being opened.

The ticking was a bit of a challenge, getting it zipped up, but going a little at a time and with the two of us, we got the mattresses into it.  The mattresses in the one pic enclosed in the ticking look a bit out of kilter, but this will smooth out over some use of the bed.  One reason is that the mattress pads appeared to come from different vendors and/or different places (foam was slightly different colors, etc.), and were not cut to precisely the same 60 x 80 dimensions.

The finished bed is very close to the height of our old bed.

We started at 10 AM, took a 1 hour break for lunch, and finished at 2 PM, including about 30 minutes for cleanup of tools, plastic wrapping, etc.

We laid down on the bed and it is very springy and comfortable.  I also did not feel like I was rolling towards the center when my wife laid on it.

So far, so good.  The first night sleep is long awaited.

UPDATE one week later:

We are getting  used to the bed, and it is a definite improvement.  The scariest thing to me about foam was that it would swallow me up and be hot.  This is why I assiduously avoided the memory foam hype.  But this bed does not do that at all.  It is very cushiony, and conforms to the body, but you do not sink deeply in it and it isn’t hot.  One thing I like is that when you sleep on your back which I sometimes do for short periods at night, it rises up to fill the small of your back and provides some support there – very comfortable.  A negative, which I will get used to, is that there isn’t much support for sitting on the side of the bed – feels like you will slide off.  The fifth mattress exaggerates that feeling as well – you can imagine it better if you contemplate the possible experience of sleeping on a stack of 100 foam mattresses!  The modified-by-me Bedder Bed steel frame is rock solid, and completely noiseless.  All in all, we are very satisfied with the whole setup.  My wife, who was skeptical of the whole thing, and especially of buying a $2,000+ mattress without trying it, even said the other day that she is beginning to like the bed and mattress setup. (Sullivan, Missouri)

Heron and Ephie

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Heron & Eppie


Two Twin size mattresses made with our components: Heron’s (circa July 2014) is a 6″ Combo of Medium Latex over a Firm Latex in Quilted Ticking with a Wool Puddle Pad.  Ephie’s (circa July 2012) is 6″ Firm Natural Latex wrapped in one batt of wool encased in our Twill Cotton Ticking.

Ephie was our 5th customer ever. Thanks for coming back! (Edina, MN)

20lb. Kapok Dog Bed

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Kapok Dog BedThanks for coming to our Pillow Making Event on Sunday!

Fluffing kapok is always more enjoyable with others’ company and I was very happy to finish fluffing the last few pounds I needed for a dog bed my neighbor requested I make.

My neighbor Barbara wanted to treat her grandson’s helper dog, Sonic, so a new, fluffy dog bed it was. Twenty lbs. of kapok later, it was finished with two cases, one for washing and one for holding the fill. She specifically requested the denim fabric because he tends toward those dark colors anyway.

Sonic on his kapok dog bed

Product shipped to Peru made our sleeping better….

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natural latex made it to Peru

natural latex made it to Peru natural latex made it to PeruWe are from Minnesota but are living in Peru for a couple of years. We sleep on latex in the States, but of course moving our family down here with 8 suitcases didn’t leave room or weight to bring our beds. We used firm innerspring beds (about all that you can get here) and I was longing for at least a latex topper. I hopped online and looked at the clearance section, and lo and behold, there was a soft layer of latex that was perfect for our needs! We needed to have it cut down, but when it was, it was ideal for making a full sized topper as well as a pack and play sized sheet with a little left over. Deborah was a pleasure to work with through the whole process, helping assure that it could be safely smushed into a package that would make it on the plane (within weight and size requirements). She shipped it to a friend visiting us in Peru. The latex was shipped to another state and then worked through three flights on its way to us and it was in absolutely perfect condition. The packaging really worked well. Since sleeping on the topper, my back hurts less and I’m very excited about the chance to have a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. We even looked at buying another mattress here, but they are all the same- hard and uncomfortable. Deborah has always had excellent customer service in all of my interactions with her- knowledgeable, kind, responsive, and a problem solver. And now she can say she has placed products internationally!

Other products: I had purchased wool dryer balls, wool batting, and a mattress cover from DIY natural bedding while in Minnesota. I think the dryer balls are the best I’ve used (the felting makes a huge difference…I have three brands, hers, wool covered in upcycled sweaters, and wrapped wool balls.) The DIY brand is the longest lasting and best value. I didn’t get a chance to use the wool batting before we left, but I’m looking forward to making some 1860s quilted hoods and quilts for my reenactment group. And I really like the organic cotton cover (we used it to cover up some latex that was extra when we swapped out a couple of layers on our latex bed). – K. P.

Wool Topper

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Handmade Wool Topper

Handmade Wool TopperWanted to share with you what I made from your organic cotton twill! It is filled with 90%/10% alpaca/Romney wool batts, about 5 pounds of it, and is about 3 inches thick. I will be coming back to you for more fabric when the need arises (which may be soon if my hubby grows jealous of our toddler’s topper)! – M.C