Product shipped to Peru made our sleeping better….

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natural latex made it to Peru

natural latex made it to Peru natural latex made it to PeruWe are from Minnesota but are living in Peru for a couple of years. We sleep on latex in the States, but of course moving our family down here with 8 suitcases didn’t leave room or weight to bring our beds. We used firm innerspring beds (about all that you can get here) and I was longing for at least a latex topper. I hopped online and looked at the clearance section, and lo and behold, there was a soft layer of latex that was perfect for our needs! We needed to have it cut down, but when it was, it was ideal for making a full sized topper as well as a pack and play sized sheet with a little left over. Deborah was a pleasure to work with through the whole process, helping assure that it could be safely smushed into a package that would make it on the plane (within weight and size requirements). She shipped it to a friend visiting us in Peru. The latex was shipped to another state and then worked through three flights on its way to us and it was in absolutely perfect condition. The packaging really worked well. Since sleeping on the topper, my back hurts less and I’m very excited about the chance to have a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. We even looked at buying another mattress here, but they are all the same- hard and uncomfortable. Deborah has always had excellent customer service in all of my interactions with her- knowledgeable, kind, responsive, and a problem solver. And now she can say she has placed products internationally!

Other products: I had purchased wool dryer balls, wool batting, and a mattress cover from DIY natural bedding while in Minnesota. I think the dryer balls are the best I’ve used (the felting makes a huge difference…I have three brands, hers, wool covered in upcycled sweaters, and wrapped wool balls.) The DIY brand is the longest lasting and best value. I didn’t get a chance to use the wool batting before we left, but I’m looking forward to making some 1860s quilted hoods and quilts for my reenactment group. And I really like the organic cotton cover (we used it to cover up some latex that was extra when we swapped out a couple of layers on our latex bed). – K. P.

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