Organic Latex

​Your blocks of organic latex should not collapse or form body impressions for at least 15 years. Most people find that their latex, if thoroughly covered, will last 20-30 years. If you experience a sudden softening in your latex, there may be a structural weakening of the latex, such as a hidden air pocket causing the latex to collapse. ​ If you think your latex has softened, simply press down on a spot of the foam that doesn’t get much use, such as near your head and compare the resistance with a high-use spot, such as in the middle of where your body normally rests. If you can tell a significant difference, you probably have a valid claim.

If this is the case within 15 years of purchase, follow this link for instructions on sending us photos of the dips or bowing. We will send you a brand new piece of matching latex for your one replacement if the pictures can show us the issue.

If you use an adjustable bed frame, this warranty is not applicable as you are using the bed both for upholstery uses as well as sleeping purposes. The firmness chose for a mattress are not typically supportive and dense enough to withstand consistent upholstery style use.

The latex is not warrantied against biodegradation as there are too many variables in each house to account for. To prevent premature hardening of the latex, keep it well wrapped, in clean air, in a dark room, and away from heat vents.

The latex is also not warrantied against slight tears that sometimes occur in the packaging of the latex.  These tears are small (1-5″), not deep and do not affect the structural integrity of the latex. Your comfort and the durability of the piece is not affected, just the cosmetic appeal. See variations of organic latex in the Sizes and Variations tab on our organic latex product.

Sewed Pieces (Tickings and Pillow Cases)

​Our sewing work is warranted for 5 years for its durable stitching and zipper function. If stitches pop, we will fix that too and send it back to you.

Wool Puddle Pads and DIY Wool Puddle Pads

The wool felt is warranted for 3 years against thinning to nothing. Over time, the wool fibers will stretch apart, causing the felt pad to cover the sides of your mattress. If any fibers stretch too far apart and cause holes to appear before the 3 year mark, contact us for a replacement. Wool puddle pads used on a split mattress covered with Knit Ticking are warranted for 1 year.



​If any of these warranty issues arrive, please call or email us to get further instructions for repair or replacements. We will send you instructions on how to package your component properly to send it back to us for inspection. We reserve the right to evaluate your claim once your package has reached us.  You will either receive a new matching product to replace your defective latex or will receive back your fixed sewing work.