Upholstery Consultation

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs new life? You want to use natural materials but need help knowing where to start? We can help!

While you are welcome to use the resources around our site to come to your own decisions, if you want individualized advice, we invite you to set up a personal consultation with Carla. Carla Pyle of Natural Upholstery.com has been working in her own upholstery shop with natural materials for years and is an experienced teacher. She teaches both to the trade as well as to individuals creating their own projects.

If you have questions after reading these tips around our site, get all of your questions answered with a phone call.

Upholstery Tips

Custom Advice you can get from a Consultation

  • Firmness Advice
  • Cutting maps for the wool batting
  • Cutting maps for latex for several smaller cushions

Contact Carla here. See some of her helpful information on her website here.