20lb. Kapok Dog Bed

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Kapok Dog BedThanks for coming to our Pillow Making Event on Sunday!

Fluffing kapok is always more enjoyable with others’ company and I was very happy to finish fluffing the last few pounds I needed for a dog bed my neighbor requested I make.

My neighbor Barbara wanted to treat her grandson’s helper dog, Sonic, so a new, fluffy dog bed it was. Twenty lbs. of kapok later, it was finished with two cases, one for washing and one for holding the fill. She specifically requested the denim fabric because he tends toward those dark colors anyway.

Sonic on his kapok dog bed

2 thoughts on “20lb. Kapok Dog Bed

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in the 20lb. Kapok dog bed.
    What is the cost? Do you deliver to Canada?

    1. We can certainly make you a dog bed. This one was very simple; the customer didn’t want any gussets, sidewalls or trim to adorn it, just the three sided zipper. Two years later, she just added another 10 lbs of kapok to it to bring it up to its original height.
      Kapok by the lb. is available here for $8 a lb. As this is a custom order, we’re happy to give you a quote once you confirm the details. Please email us at orders@diynaturalbedding.com

      We do ship to Canada and would need to get you a quote on that cost as well. Rates from the US to Canada are often double what rates within the US are. From what I’ve heard, USPS charges whiles larger that UPS’s rates on our end are smaller than UPS in tariffs on your end.

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