15″ Latex on top of Steel Screening

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Here are the pics of the process of putting the bed together.

I used welded wire hardware cloth to lay over the Bedder Bed Frame to keep the foam from pressing thru the openings in the bed frame over time.  The steel bed frame maker said this would not happen, but I did not trust it, so I devised this solution, which I know will prevent it.  We picked up two 10 ft. x 3 ft. rolls of hardware cloth with 1/2″ square holes (small animal caging) at our local Orcheln Farm and Home for about $12 each. After trimming the hardware cloth to fit the bed frame and securing with cable ties, the two frame sides slipped right into the wooden bed frame opening where the slats were.  The whole assembly is rock solid.  No problems there.

I expected the mattresses to be real trouble hefting around, but they were not bad at all to move and nudge into place.  We loaded them onto the wire frame before removing the plastic bags they were in.  So they were in partial position right from the start of being opened.

The ticking was a bit of a challenge, getting it zipped up, but going a little at a time and with the two of us, we got the mattresses into it.  The mattresses in the one pic enclosed in the ticking look a bit out of kilter, but this will smooth out over some use of the bed.  One reason is that the mattress pads appeared to come from different vendors and/or different places (foam was slightly different colors, etc.), and were not cut to precisely the same 60 x 80 dimensions.

The finished bed is very close to the height of our old bed.

We started at 10 AM, took a 1 hour break for lunch, and finished at 2 PM, including about 30 minutes for cleanup of tools, plastic wrapping, etc.

We laid down on the bed and it is very springy and comfortable.  I also did not feel like I was rolling towards the center when my wife laid on it.

So far, so good.  The first night sleep is long awaited.

UPDATE one week later:

We are getting  used to the bed, and it is a definite improvement.  The scariest thing to me about foam was that it would swallow me up and be hot.  This is why I assiduously avoided the memory foam hype.  But this bed does not do that at all.  It is very cushiony, and conforms to the body, but you do not sink deeply in it and it isn’t hot.  One thing I like is that when you sleep on your back which I sometimes do for short periods at night, it rises up to fill the small of your back and provides some support there – very comfortable.  A negative, which I will get used to, is that there isn’t much support for sitting on the side of the bed – feels like you will slide off.  The fifth mattress exaggerates that feeling as well – you can imagine it better if you contemplate the possible experience of sleeping on a stack of 100 foam mattresses!  The modified-by-me Bedder Bed steel frame is rock solid, and completely noiseless.  All in all, we are very satisfied with the whole setup.  My wife, who was skeptical of the whole thing, and especially of buying a $2,000+ mattress without trying it, even said the other day that she is beginning to like the bed and mattress setup. (Sullivan, Missouri)

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