DIY Pillow Making Event

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Fluffed Kapok Fiber

Kapok Fiber BinJoin us to shred some natural latex or fluff some kapok to fill your pillow. We will provide the pillow cases, the unfluffed kapok and the latex falloff. You choose your pillow sizes and which fill you would like. Also, bring a favorite practice of yours to share, some trick or solution that you use to follow a natural path.

This event is open to all, so feel free to invite anyone who might enjoy physically investing in their pillows. We really will be using our hands to pull apart bits of natural latex or separating the kapok clumps to create lofty, smooth pillows.

Please RSVP with your pillow preference by May 23 here or by email or phone 763-445-9676.

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Cost is just for supplies. Since you will be shredding your own latex and fluffing your own kapok, costs are less than the pillow kits online.

DIY Pillow Making Event Pricing 

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