Pillow of my dreams and mattress of my child’s dream!

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I have been looking for my perfect pillow for at least 14 years. Seriously! I am not adverse to spending a pretty penny on a good pillow either. In the end, I’m never happy with ones I buy and they aren’t worth it. Enter DIY Natural Bedding. I bought a Kapok King size pillow over a year ago and I love it! I feel so old (38) to have just found my perfect pillow, but at least I finally found it, and at least I have many, many more years to enjoy it.

Also, I took my son for a showing at DIY Natural Bedding’s show room and allowed him to pick out his own mattress. He was 9 years old and went through the whole process, tried all the various choices (and there are a lot). He took his decision very seriously. He ended up choosing a 6 inch medium piece of latex and that’s all. He has been so happy with it. As a mother it feels amazing to be able to give my children a comfortable and safe nights sleep. Knowing he isn’t inhaling toxins all night long, makes this mama rest better too. I will definitely purchase more items in the very near future!

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