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We have two beds now — a queen for us and a twin for our daughter’s loft bed.

I have bought from other sellers and I am so happy to have found DIY bedding. Deborah is a pleasure to work with and extremely professional. We had to exchange multiple layers of latex (I admit we were a little high maintenance). And she expedited every return, no questions asked, with UPS front door pick up.

The quality is top notch — the same as savvy rest, habitat, etc – but much more affordable. Plus I like supporting a small company and one that supports locally sustainable wool products. We bought a wool topper and it’s incredible. This wool is not something you can get at any store. It’s small batch and locally sourced.

One last thing, we use the felt top covers and love them. They are nice and cool and are the same wool as the puddle pad. So you’re basically killing 2 birds with 1 stone We had them do the stitching and zipper, which is very strong and durable. I have not seen this anywhere else and it saved us at least $150 from having to buy a separate puddle pad.

I’m so happy to know there are so many other options beyond what you see in stores. I think our next bed will be wool. Or maybe millet!

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