Woolly Bolas vs. Kapok

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Our two lightest and fluffiest pillow fills, side by side. But which do you choose?  Kapok (on the right) is a plant fiber and woolly bolas (on the left) is an animal product. Kapok carries the most fluffing ability, comparable to a feather pillow if you understuff the kapok. Its light, airy fiber will certainly be a float away fiber but does lose its loft as it is slept on. The bolas are the more cloud like fill. If fluffed every night, they maintain a springy feel that doesn’t deflate as slept on. Both fibers overstuff well, kapok producing a solid, firm pillow and bolas, a springy, firm feel.

2 thoughts on “Woolly Bolas vs. Kapok

  1. would a kapok comforter make for a good warm insulating alternative to wool
    i read kapok is warmer than wool

    1. I’m sure a kapok comforter would be a nice fluffy comforter. I don’t have personal experience with such a comforter so I can’t compare it. If you were DIYing, I would sew not just vertical channels but also horizontal channels to create boxes to keep the fill from shifting too much. Frequent tufting would also be a good idea.

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