Pillow Fill Comparison

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Have you been wondering what each of our natural pillow fills feels like? Whether they are used for bed pillows, couch pillows, pregnancy pillows, body pillows, support pillows, the feel will change based on how much you stuff your pillow. That is the beauty of zippers, they make everything customizable.

Shredded Latex**BouncyFloppy
Woolly BolasSoftClumpy
Wool Batting*PuffyThin
Millet HullsContouringHeavy

Create your own feel by mixing fill or by combining fills in our double pocket pillow case.

Bed sized pillow kits available here. Custom sized pillow cases available, just ask.

* Fill will compress over time, expect to add more fill once a year to restore it to its original loft
**Fill is certified GOTS organic.