Build a Mattress with Twill Ticking

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DIY your wool mattress with Twill Ticking

  • Thickness
    At an 8 oz weight, this twill is durable reliable. Compare its thickness to a thick khaki pant fabric, though it is much softer than a brushed twill pant.
  • Strength
    This functional fabric is still quite smooth.  Because it is strong, it can withstand a tufting needle’s piercings or a mattress fill in pieces beneath it (though our Wool Mattress Pattern does instruct you how to smoothly add the wool flake).
  • Price
    Without the three layers of threads that make up a double knit, the twill ticking can beat its price making this ticking the most economical. DIYing your mattress will with our loose fills will save you store costs everywhere.
  • Thinness
    If using it for latex, it does not offer the flexibility of the knit ticking.
  • Stiffness
    If using it for latex, the thickness of the quilted ticking will rival this fabric.

If you need a calculator to help you know how much fill to create a mattress to your desired height, visit our Custom Pillow Fill Calculator.  Make sure to select the boxed rectangle tab for a mattress shape. Our wool flake product explains more about tufting and our kapok product will make your Japanese style shikibuton.