Shearing Season is Here and so is our Wool!

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Spring has come and with it, warming weather and sheep ready to lose their winter coats of wool.  We are in hands on pursuit of great wool for our products this year.

With a need of 3500 lbs. of wool for a run of our own wool blankets, plus more for our wool batting products (toppers, comforters), we have purchased a total of 4765 lbs. of wool.  Do you think it will last us until next Spring?

NOTE: We have sold out of the blankets made from this batch of wool and do not anticipate making more. The blankets are beautiful but the cost was far beyond what we calculated and some of the small businesses we used to complete the project have gone out of business.

We are glad to include in our roundup two farms that we have worked with previously:

Sunbow Farm – Eau Claire, WI

Together Farms – Mondovi, WI

We have also added more shepherds to the list:

Sutton Ridge Farm – Jordan, MN

Silver Valley Farm – West Lafayette, IN

Daylight Family Farm – Evansville, IN

Hunter Dorset – West Lafayette, IN

Kennedy Southdowns – Shirley, Indiana

Ralph Strutz – Arcanum, Ohio

Chad and Callie Leader – Crawfordsville, IN

MP Club Lambs – Wingate, IN

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