Quality is not compromised

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Small Farm Wool Comforter

Thank you All Things Functional and Practical for your website review. I am glad you enjoy the wool comforter.

Here is a snippet from their review:
“The price of a wool comforter is steep but it is a worthwhile investment. After researching around, the price of the premade comforters offered from this site is extremely competitive. Meaning, it was one of the lower priced comforters. Being that is it on the “low” side, the quality is not compromised. I find that this comforter is very well made and I am very happy with it. The only thing I wish could do was try out both the tropical and regular weight to really know which one would be the best fit for the area I live in for the 2 extreme seasons, summer and winter.”

Read the full review at All Things Functional and Practical.

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