Wool Flake (per 10 lbs) (Wholesale)



  • Washed and Picked Wool
  • Dense
  • 10 lbs.

This wool flake is perfect to make your mattress with. It is clean of the lanolin and grass that adorn sheep in the field and is ready for your use.  It has been washed and picked clean.

You could hand card it to use in comforters and toppers or you could stuff a piece of ticking with wool, tuft it and call it a mattress.

This washed wool can be piled on top of itself in the hundreds of lbs. without easily trenching. It is not lofty and has deliberately not been carded to create the sheets of wool that we sell in batts and use in our toppers and comforters.  Its denseness is its strength here, as it will make a firm mattress that will not valley as easily as an equal weight of wool batts would.

You will want to tuft your ticking to your wool to prevent shifting and bunching. Tufting Needles and Twine are in our Supplies section and guide on how to tuft is in the blog.  For more information on Making a Wool Mattress, see this step by step sketch (click the image to enlarge it) or this picture tutorial. Our Twill Ticking would make a strong case for this wool.

Here are general weights to give you an idea of where to start.  Check out the Pillow Fill Calculator to find an exact amount for your preferred height of mattress.  Make sure to pick “Boxed Rectangle” as the shape to fill.

Crib 3″ 15 lbs.
Twin 3″ 
25 lbs.
Full 6″  
70 lbs.
Queen 5″ 
70 lbs.
King 8″ 
145 lbs.

This item is sold in bulk with a minimum of 10 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 18 in