Organic Double Knit Cotton Fabric


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  • Sold by the 90″ yard
  • Flexible
  • Heavyweight, 485 GSM
  • Undyed
  • Shrinkage 12-15%
  • GOTS Organic

This double knit organic cotton fabric is soft and thick.  This is the fabric we use in our Knit and Expandable Ticking and our outer pillowcases. Latex purists, those who like to be completely absorbed by their latex mattress and have every pressure point relieved, swear by this fabric’s flexibility.

Our double knit cotton fabric can stretch. It has no rayon, latex or spandex in it, so it certainly won’t stretch and return to shape like some synthetic fabric will, but it has give. We tested it to give you some numbers.  A 12” x 12” piece was stretched both ways against a ruler. One direction easily stretched 2” wider and could have been pulled taut 2.5” wider than original. The other direction easily stretched 1.5” wider and could have been pulled taut at 2”.

The close up picture is to detail the three layers of fabric/threads used to construct a double knit fabric.  A little water spray in the middle helped reveal the crosswise threads running under the top layer of fabric. This triple layer of threads not only makes it heavy, it also gives it durability.

Using leather needles is not recommend on this fabric, standard needles will do just fine.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in