2 lb. Wool Batting


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  • Local
  • Lofty
  • Clean of chemicals and of course, dirt
  • 2 lb.
  • stretch to size

Straight from local farms, processed at our local woolen mill, this wool is carded in a sheet. We sell it either by the sheet (batt) or by smaller pieces by the half lb. The color of the sheep’s wool accounts for the different colors of batting.

The wool is not treated with any bleaches or acid baths; the vegetable matter is not carbonized.  The only substance used in its processing is a surfactant, which breaks the surface tension of the water, allowing the oily lanolin to float away in the washing water. If you press your nose into it, you may notice a slight sheepy smell smell.

Multiple batts create a wool topper or a wool pillow. After compression, usually about 6 months,  the 3lb. wool settles down to its final height of 1/2″ thick per batt. the 4lb. wool to 3/4″.  The weight of the wool does not change the width or length of the batt, just its thickness, the 4 lb. being thicker. To create a 3″ topper, you will need about 6 batts. This weight is the perfect size for a standard size, firm wool pillow kit.

The wool batting comes off the carder in the size 66″ x 88″. The longer the carder spins, the more layers of wool fibers are laid on top of each other and the heavier the batt becomes. Since all the wool fibers are aligned, it is easy to stretch the wool to a larger size. Using the palms of your hands on the wool, gently and slowly push your hands away from each other, pulling the fibers apart slightly. Continue this pulling in rows down the batting until it is the size you want it to be. Here are some examples of sizes you can use.

The wool batt 66″ x 88″ is the right size for a queen mattress or topper. Wrapped around a crib mattress, it would wrap twice horizontally plus once vertically, making the top of the mattress gently cushioned.

A wool batt stretched to 72″ x 90″ is enough to wrap around a 6″ twin perfectly or a 3″ full with a slight stretch. Larger sizes of mattresses will require multiple batts to create a wrap. Some like to use the batt to wrap their natural latex, prolonging its life by protecting it from sunlight, heat vents, and other elements that cause it to deteriorate. Cut in half, it makes two soft standard size pillows.

A wool batt 90″ x 90″ is the right size to wrap the top of a king size mattress with enough room to fold down the sides to meet another batt wrapped underneath the latex. Folded in half with a little more stretch, it will fit a full size wool topper. Cut in half, it makes two firm standard size pillows. It would also make a queen sized comforter or quilt.

For the crafters, this wool felts up nicely, stuffs without lumping and dyes easily. For the hand spinner, make your own roving by tearing off strips. This batt is perfect for making your own comforter and quilt as it will be able to retain its loft since you are not lying on it every night. For the topper, this wool will compress in about 6 months, but it will retain its comfort and insulating properties while losing its cloud like enveloping feel.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in