Quilted Pillow Case


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This thick, quilted pillowcase provides a soft barrier between you and the fill inside your pillow. It smooths out the feel of shredded latex and cushions millet hulls. It continues the temperature regulation of wool batting and woolly bolas and adds body and form to kapok and shredded latex.

This quilted pillowcase uses our wool batting sandwiched between two layers of GOTS organic cotton fabric.  The outer fabric is our smooth, soft double knit and the inner our sateen.

One short side has a full length zipper. To eliminate the chance of the zipper coming open on its own and to silence the jingle of the zipper pull, we have hidden the pull inside a pocket to keep it secure.

Our quilted pillowcase is the ultimate small business product as two home businesses, in addition to our small business, are supported by your purchase: the fabric is quilted by a local long arm quilter and the wool is from small local, farms.

We use this pillow case with our millet hull pillow kit.

Travel: 12″ x 20″
Standard: 20″ x 26″
Queen: 20″ x 30″
King: 20″ x 36″
Body: 20″ x 60″
Custom: You name the size, we’ll sew it.

Should your Quilted Pillow Case become soiled and need to be washed, you may HAND WASH it, just like our other wool products. Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide may also be used for sanitizing or spot cleaning.

fancy line

These instructions are not difficult, but should be read to avoid shrinking your ticking. Shrinking is caused in part by the rubbing of the wool fibers against each other. As the fibers are rubbed against each other, they intertwine, shortening their length. Avoid over agitating the wool by scrubbing. Strong soaps will raise the PH of the wool and cause it to felt. Drastic heat changes in the water will also cause the wool to felt.

  1. Let your ticking felt float, submerged in a tub, such as your bathtub, full of tepid water.
  2. Push it down and around until no bubbles appear.
  3. Let it sit. As it sits, you will see the dust being released and floating on the surface of the water. If you choose to choose a soap, use a wool soap such as Eucalan.
  4. Drain water and gently squeeze out water.
  5. Fill tub again to rinse. Rinse by letting it sit again for half an hour.
  6. Squeeze and rinse again if necessary.
  7. Drain water and press out the extra water in the ticking.  You may use the centrifugal force of the spin cycle in your washing machine to wring extra water out.
  8. Hang up or ideally lay flat to dry in the sun to dry. Sunlight is a natural sanitizer. Do not use an automatic dryer as it will mat the wool.

After it has dried for a day or so, you should have a fresh smelling Quilted Pillow Case ready to use.