Millet Hull Weighted Blanket



Here is a weighted blanket made entirely from natural plant products, organic cotton and millet hulls. There are no glass beads or plastic pellets in this blanket, just our millet hulls grown on organic fields in Colorado. These entirely natural products will ground you and soothe you into sleep.

Millet hulls are the quietest of all the hull fills and the smoothest. They do a great job holding their place and will not shift on their own until you shift them. Millet hulls also make a temperate blanket. Because of their hollow convex shape, they retain no heat but leave space for airflow between them.

This weighted blanket provides all the benefits of deep touch therapy that studies show are a great tool to have in your health kit. Our bodies responds to the synthetic hug of a weighted blanket by releasing oxytocin, just as it does when we reach out for support and get a real hug or give one. Weighted blankets also stimulate the body’s release of serotonin, which is the precursor to melatonin, both hormones being part of the sleep cycle. Serotonin initiates the body’s desire to sleep and melatonin causes sleepiness. These hormones provide our body’s a natural way of being soothed by a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets have been shown to

  • calm nerves
  • ease anxiety
  • increase focus
  • boost mood
  • soothe restless legs
  • decrease pain
  • quicken falling asleep
  • limit night wakings
  • lower blood pressure

While our weighted blankets comes with a standard amount of fill (listed below) more hulls may easily be ordered from their product here. General recommendations are that the blanket weighs 10% of your body weight. A zipper along the long side of the blanket lets you add or subtract as much fill as you want to adjust its weight. More millet hulls, available by the lb. are here.

To save you the trouble of emptying your weighted blanket, every time you want to wash the fabric, select the duvet cover option for the same size blanket as desired. These duvet covers are madeof the same GOTS organic sateen fabric as the weighted blankets and are sized for the blankets here, not for our comforters.

Our dimensions have considered the size of each mattress and added in a little bit extra to accommodate the height of the sleeper. The blankets are not designed to drape over the sides of the bed, merely to rest on the surface and envelope the sleeper.

Crib/Throw: 32″ x 50″ – 4.5 lb. millet hulls
Twin: 42″ x 75″ – 12 lb. millet hulls
Full: 58” x 75” – 20.5 lb. millet hulls
Queen: 64” x 80” – 26  lb. millet hulls
King: 80” x 80” – 37 lb. millet hulls

To hear a story about why we chose to offer this millet hull weighted blanket, watch our video here.

To sew a millet hull weighted blanket, see its kit here.

Additional information

Blanket Size

Crib /Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King

Duvet Cover Size

None, Crib /Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King