DIY Topper Kit / DIY Portable Sleeping Pad


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  • GOTS Organic Sateen
  • 4″ Channels
  • Zippered Closure
  • Shell + Loose fill of your choice OR Shell Alone

Making an affordable natural topper is now possible thanks to the channel design of this zippered organic case. Now you can use the loose fills that also fill our pillow offerings a topper, without having to tuft them to keep them from shifting throughout the night.

Unlike our other mattress sized kits, this is a no sew design. No tutorial is needed. Simply stuff the channels with your bagged fill. Add or remove fill as desired to adjust loft and firmness.

Because of the channel design of this zippered case, the mat can easily be rolled up for storage or easy transportation, giving you a portable sleeping pad.


Millet Hulls – Firm and Flexible
Shredded Latex – Bouncy and Spongy
Wool Flake – Soft and Cushioning
Kapok – Light and Airy

The fill amounts below create approximately a 2″ topper. If you want more depth/firmness, you can select a few more lbs. for each fill from their products linked below by the weights shipped out with each size.

Millet Hulls Shredded Latex Wool Flake Kapok
Crib 9 10 9 6
Twin 23 18 17 10
Full 33 26 24 14
Queen 39 31 28 17
King 50 39 36 21


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Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Eastern King, California King

Loose Fill

Millet Hulls, Shredded Latex, Wool Flake, Kapok, None

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