Mari’s Mansion

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custom latex couch in a custom made house


224 SQ FT

This home was designed specifically for Mari, with her physical capabilities in mind, her cat Spike and her dog Bubba.

Upon entry Mari can fold and tuck away her walker. She has an organic couch with natural latex, wool batting and inner case of organic twill along with her decorative fabric of choice, with movable ottoman. The ottoman is storage; there are two drawers under the couch and a feeding area for Spike.

The fold down dining table is made from a raw cedar slab and filled it with quartz crystals and hand crushed turquoise gemstone.

For more images of Pocket Mansions’ work or to hire her services, view her website here.

2 thoughts on “Mari’s Mansion

  1. Why did you put the 1″ less-firm layer underneath the firmer 3″ layer?

    1. Oops, I clicked on the wrong comment button. This was supposed to go to the post above yours.

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