Harvest Haven Farm

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One farm our wool comes from is Harvest Haven Farm in Hager City, WI. You can see some pictures of it and the fleeces we picked up from them here. Jon and Sherry Johnson believe strongly in natural living and have raised their animals and six children accordingly.

The 11 sheep are pastured with access to the barn for the intemperate weather. The sheep are not coated nor sprayed for insects. Some farmers do coat their sheep (literally, the sheep have to wear coats) to keep every bit of debris out of the wool, but they prefer to let the sheep’s wool breathe and do its job for the animal as well as for us. The farm also has a luscious garden for their CSA, about 30 free range chickens, a cow named Quarter pounder (not a dairy cow, you can imagine), a llama, a few dogs and cats, and a few hogs.

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