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A bench cushion, a bassinet, a couch, a futon, a dog bed, an odd size mattress – whatever your need, we’ll cut it for you.  We can cut the latex as deep as 6″ and as thin as 1.5″. We sell 3″ slabs because it gives you a bit of choice in adjusting your firmness  as well as choosing a depth that you are comfortable on.  However, we are happy to cut our 6″ cores into the perfect size for your project.

If you have general questions about futons and couch cushions, peruse this blog post and then contact us with further questions.

For a quote on your next project, visit our Custom Latex Cut Calculator page.

15 thoughts on “Custom Latex Cuts

  1. We need a queen sized mattress for a couple with combined weight of 350 pounds. I saw your YouTube video and liked your system as well as products One addition,I would like to consider adding memory foam. Is that something you have available ?m So looking for price quotes for the above.

    Your a small business and tomorrow is father’s day, so no hurry for a response.

    1. We do not carry memory foam, we DO carry organic natural latex in 5 firmnesses. Have you read the Banana Test? In that post, I list some generalities and rules of thumb for choosing firmness and how to layer different firmnesses. I also suggest looking at the How It Works page, viewing the sketches of a few common builds to decide how you want to assemble your mattress. Prices are listed In the products in the shop.

  2. I would like a queen size mattress. My question is it better to buy 2X 3” sheets ou 1X6” ? ( price, comfort etc ) and so, It is possible to ship in Canada?

    1. The price is the same whether you buy two 3″ slabs or one 6″ slab. Six inches is merely double the price of the 3″. If you are a sensitive sleeper, you may notice a different feel with the 6″, a more consistent feel, but most people do not notice the difference.
      We can ship internationally and to Hawaii or Alaska. We will need to send you a custom shipping quote. If you email us with the items you are interested in purchasing, we will calculate their weights and sizes and send you a link to add to your cart with shipping costs.

  3. What do you sleep on? Im doing a transit van conversion and I need 80×29 and another 80×17

    1. I sleep on a 6″ medium over a firm. I find it firm compared to my husband’s squishy soft layer but not at all hard. I suggest you read The Banana Test for info on common choices of combinations. We can easily cut latex to those dimensions and sew ticking to size. Once you know what firmnesses you would like, email us at for a quote on your custom project. Happy traveling!

  4. I have a double size latex firm 6″ mattress and would like to make it a queen size. Can I just add the difference to the existing one?

    1. You can add a 6″ piece of latex to your existing mattress. You will also need to add a 5″ piece to the bottom as a double is 75″ and a queen is 80″. You will want to purchase a Queen size ticking to accommodate all the pieces together. If the extra pieces are in their own cases, expect them to slide around. Depending on your sleep habits and use of those separate pieces, you may find it helpful to glue them to your existing latex. Here is a link for a low VOC foam glue that works great with latex.

  5. We need two 3″ slabs of latex foam for a minivan mattress. 24″ x 74″ One firm and one medium. I hope that will give us the best chance to fit our comfort needs. Do you sell a case that would fit the two pieces?
    Please give us the total price for such items.
    Regards, Jim Frey,

  6. Looking for quantity of 2 of latex foam in size 24″ x 42″ x 5″ thickness. How much for these? Thanks!

    1. All custom latex cuts can be calculated and purchased through our Custom Latex Calculator here.

  7. Hi do you cut window seat cushions that are rectangles but with 2 corners cut at an angle so it’s really 6-sided.

    I’m looking for 2 of those to fit our window seats. Thanks.

    1. Sure thing and we custom sew to any size or shape. Email with your dimensions and any further questions so that we can help you with your project.

  8. Do you cut full length wedges for 60″x38″ (Twin)? Looking for 6″ height at the top and 2″ at the bottom.

    1. We do not cut wedges at this time. I wish we did. Maybe someday.

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