Choose Supplies: Step One

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shredded natural latex fill


Choose the fill for your mattress or pillow.  Do you want to sleep on organic latex slabs or wool or both?  Do you want to make a pillow of millet hulls, kapok fiber or shredded latex?


2 thoughts on “Choose Supplies: Step One

  1. Hello,
    While looking for tatamis and Shiki futons to start sleeping on the floor I found your page. I need 2 twin size mattresses 38×75 inches and at least 5” height. I plan to use them on top of a tatami. Please let me know what’s the best combination to purchase. I’d like any organic features plus the latex, wool and cover with zipper ready to set it at home. Thanks in advance for any reply.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Did you ever end up assembling your own mattress? I am doing basic research right now. Just wondering how it went. I would love to chat about it; feel free to message me.


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