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Since we have cut quite a few pieces of latex over the years for infant bassinets, playpens, crib mattresses, etc., I thought I would share a few tips we have learned along the way. If you have feedback on your particular brand’s frame and how our products work with it, let me know and I’ll add it to this post.

Keep in mind that we cut and sew to your dimensions. We can cut latex, sew puddle pads, sheets, tickings, receiving blankets, you name it. Contact us for a quote or see the latex calculator here.

TIP 1: Cut the latex 1″ larger and sew the ticking 1/2″-1″ larger.

Latex is very flexible. That translates to when we cut it to the exact inside dimensions of your crib, you may find that the ticking or even sheet will pull it a little bit smaller than we cut it. While the mattress will still be completely usable, of course, not having that extra 1/2″ of nothing between the side wall.

The softer the latex is, the more flexible it is. So even a 3″ soft will be constrained by the sheets and ticking.

Tip 2: Latex can be cut down to .5″ in a Hard D90 firmness only.

Again, latex is very flexible and the softer layers are too floppy to cut thinner. To note, the thinner the latex is, the softer it feels, so if you are wanting a firm, thin surface for your infant, a hard is a great way to achieve that feel.

Tip 3: Most parents want firm mattresses for their infants.

If your child is able to roll over, I encourage you to consider all the firmnesses we offer, from Soft to Hard as options. A 3″ soft adds significant comfort to those hard pack n’ play mattresses, but is not firm. Keep in mind that little bodies sink through only a little and a soft feels super squishy to us and only a little squishy to them.


  • Snoo Mattress: Cut hard latex to .75″.
  • Guava Lotus travel crib: The crib sides are much more flexible than a regular pack n play, so add an extra .5-1 inch on all sides of the latex pad for it to not have gaps between the mattress and the mesh walls.

2 thoughts on “Baby Mattresses

  1. I’d like to purchase a latex topper for my 14 month olds pack n play for travel, but was wondering if I purchase a twin size topper & cut down to fit the pnp but piece it back together down the road when he’s transitioned to a twin size bed? The pnp measures 25.5×37.5 so I’d be cutting a section off 1 end straight across (it would likely be 1-2″ larger but I figure it might fit with that extra length using the fitted sheet to pull it in to fit? Little guy sleeps in our bed so he’s used to a softer surface & is independent with rolling so I assumed a 2 in medium feel would work? If I did cut it would it be recommended to use a nontoxic adhesive to reattach when ready to use as a twin size? I’d use the cut off section as the bottom part/foot end of the mattress. Any suggestions? A custom cut is upwards of $200+ & I’m not even sure he’ll sleep in the pnp so I’m not willing to pay for a cut that may never be used 🙂
    Thank you for your input & suggestions! I need the topper for mid June so I don’t have much time to decide. I may even have waited too long 🙁

    1. Great idea! Get the best value you can out of your latex! I have had customers do as you suggest, cut a smaller piece out of a larger piece and then glue them together later. Without gluing them together, you will probably find that the latex will buckle and not remain flat, particularly if an active child is involved. At this moment I don’t have a glue to recommend as the one we used for years is now discontinued. Your local hardware store will have some foam aerosol glues that you can purchase.
      Two inches will last your child comfortably for a few years, but not much past age 5. At that point, you would probably add a 3″ medium or firm underneath your 2″ layer. If you pick a something firmer, like a 2″ extra firm or firm, your child may stay comfortable for a little bit longer as the firmness will give him something to eventually sink through.
      If you need the latex to ship by a certain date, please put that note in the Order Notes section on the Checkout Page.

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