Woolly Bolas Sateen, Stuffed and Fluffed Pillow (Wholesale)


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  • Woolly Bolas
  • GOTS Organic Sateen Pillow Case, Zippered

The softest of all our fluff is our woolly bolas. When the carding machine runs backward, instead of producing smooth batts, it produces small wool balls from just a few fibers twisted around each other. These woolly bolas maintain their lightness and airiness more than any other natural fill.

Woolly bolas are lightweight like wool batting, yet slightly mobile like shredded latex. Unlike wool batting, the bolas never compress, flatten perhaps, but a nightly kneading will loft them again. Do fluff them once a day to retain their fluff and keep them from felting into a mat. Unlike shredded latex, the bolas do not shift so easily inside the pillow case.  This is nestling pillow, a cloud pillow, a pillow that takes initial shaping or a few days to transform the handfuls of bolas into their soft comfort and to settle into their smooth, flat shape. As a matter of distinction, while light and soft, a conventional poly batting filled pillow may be squishier.

The pillow case is made with the same GOTS organic fabric that we use throughout our products. The case features a full length zipper on a short side. To eliminate the chance of the zipper coming open on its own and to silence the jingle of the zipper pull, we have hidden each pull inside a pocket to keep it secure.

This pillow comes with the fill stuffed inside the pillow case.

To buy more fill by the lb., view the woolly bolas product.

Travel: 12″ x 20″ – .75  lb fill
Standard: 20″ x 26″ – 2.5 lb fill
Queen: 20″ x 30″ – 3 lb fill
King: 20″ x 36″ – 4.0 lb fill
Body: 20″ x 60″ – 7 lb fill
Custom: You name the size, we’ll sew it.


As you add handfuls to the case, fluff bolas slightly by pulling them apart from each other. For the first few nights, you may feel the handfuls you put in, but after three nights, you should have a smooth pillow.


Fluff your pillow nightly to help it retain its loft and keep the bolas from felting. Bolas will settle and compress slightly over time.


Outer pillowcase is prewashed and can be washed on hot as often as you like. Inner case may be washed as well. Fill should not be machine washed, though may be lightly rinsed if towel dried.