Knit Ticking- replacement 38x75x3- shipping costs



Customer will return knit ticking that she received and is requesting for a replacement that measures 38x75x3 instead.
I recently purchased a 3” twin knit ticking. Unfortunately, I can not use it. It only measures just shy of 69”x 33”.  I know it is stretchy but there is no way it can stretch to the twin measurements on your website for a typical twin. I can not say that I measured it before I washed and dried it but it was supposed to be pre washed with no shrinkage, right? It appears to have shrunk. I would really like a knit ticking that measures 3”x38”x75” after it is washed and dried. So I am requesting a new ticking meeting the 3”x38”x75” measurements after it is washed and dried. If you need me to return this one that is fine but I really need it to be arranged for “pick up” as I am avoiding as many places as I can due to Coronavirus pandemic. Please advise. Thank you.