Beeswax Wrap, Set of 6



Using the same 100% organic fabric we use for our wool toppers and wool comforters and inner pillow cases, we have crafted a replacement for plastic wrap in your kitchen with the beeswax wrap. The fabric is grown and processed here in the USA, specifically Arizona and Texas.

Use is easy:

  1. Place wrap on top of bowl.
  2. Using warm hands, bend the wrap around the edges of the bowl.

They may be washed with soap and COLD water. Warm water will melt the beeswax and enough warm water will cause it to start running off of the fabric.

Set of 6:
1 large, 13″ x 13″
2 medium, 10″ x 10″
3 small, 7″ x 7″

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs