Photo Contest

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WIN a 3″ Organic Latex Slab

Twin XL, Twin, Crib
$150 off any other sized piece of latex

Enter our Photo Contest
by July 25

  1. Take photos of you and your family assembling your mattress with our supplies.
  2. Email them to
  3. Winners will be announced by July 30

Photos will be featured on the front page of our new website design!


The photos we will most likely pick will have

  1. great lighting
  2. multiple people
  3. smiles
  4. action /appearance of motion

Note: While pictures of a finished mattress are welcome, we are most interested in pictures of the process.

What a great family photo! But not an action shot.

Assembling an Organic Latex Mattress - DIY Natural Bedding

Great lighting! But it’s me and I want you!

Assembling an Organic Latex Mattress - DIY Natural Bedding

Phew! That’s some action. LOL

Thanks much to four of my kiddos for helping me take some photos! and to one of them for letting me take his pictures off the wall so I could use his bed frame! We are that kind of family business – everyone helps out where they can.